Jun. 14th, 2016

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Started with a full English made with Cornish grown ingredients at a twee little tearoom place.
Shown country lanes, back to their place for a while, #2 son collected from [whatever level school/nursery 3.5 years go to] then of to the beach!

Specifically Portreath beach. I went and looked at half the harbour (only half because I managed to wrongly imagine there would be a bridge to the other half at the end...) then joined Ruth & #2 on the sand. Took visual images of beach things. Hacked some ingress portals!
Drove to Porthtowan for better quaility icecream than available at Portreath. Moomaid of Zennor!
Country lanes back to motel to be dropped off for a late afternoon nap and then later I drove around to their house for tea & chat.
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Started with a proper breakfast in the Premier Inn cafe.

Firstly taken to St Ives. I was not driving, which was best.... Terrrified of the place, like claustraphobia incarnate at the hand of some Italianate demon and a cartographer on bad drugs. Seven DM pitchforks.
Will only go again if approaching by boat.

Next on to Penzance and thence to Mousehole. It was okay. Remembered harbour walls do not vae bridges, walked down correct quay.

Back to Camborne, dropped off at motel for tech-with-charge stop while hostess acquired children.
Provided children with Haribo. Back seat may still contain Haribo.
To Portreath again, walked on beach, went in caves, directed monster for children's roleplay.
Unexpectedly fine weather. Basked on promenade while others did things with sea water.

Returning to motel, sneaked in some ingress before going into PI restaurant for supper.


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