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I did a very unusual thing on Saturday evening last. It was strange in that it was also a very familiar thing that I used to do a lot.
I went out on a pub crawl in St Albans.

Actually, in that I didn't get to drink because I had to drive there because I've lived somewhere else for 30 years it wasn't a pub crawl like it used to be. But it did involved being in (or in transit between) several pubs in St Albans city centre from about 7PM until just gone midnight so it was certainly a night out. I did sneak in a half of shandy at the start, in The Mermaid, and then a half of Youngs bitter in the Farriers Arms later on. It was at this pub that the party split and the Keen Folk went off on a loop down as far as the Six Bells (near where Sally Lunn's Eating House isn't anymore) and back via the Upper Pink Tiger and Fighting Cocks and 5 of us said "bugrit, outside cold and longway, here warm and quickhalf" before wandering off via The Boot and eventually to rejoin the rest at the Farmer's Boy. Just missed a band of what looked like grizzled old rockers squeezed into in a corner. Had a final goosip and then whizzed off home.

So, not much drinking but good company. And good atmosphere; St Albans is still a hive of bohemian frivolity and grunting old locals. There were many people merrily staggering the ancient streets with no apparent trouble and lurking to get into nightclubs. Also some random street musicians about midnight.

On getting back to Hitchin I dropped by Ali Baba's for a kebab and chips to take home. It was a busy old place. While I was queuing, a tipsey young lady snuck up beside me and took a selfie of the two of us (if it's still a selfie with more than one in it). She enquired woefully of me if she looked [a bit drunk] and I said no. I managed not to say "no no poppet, you look fine" and pat her on the head, which might had ruined her immaculate street cred.

So yes, going out, I'm still all for it. Now and again.
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