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[This may be a bit stream-of-conciousness, leave breadcrumb trail as you go]

The ongoing bubble of -isms and -ists has flared up a bit recently. I've felt I should post something.
As (if I understand the terms) a "het cis male" from a "white" (probably) middleclass background I understand that I probably have not noticed various other people with different such "classifications" being shat on by Society as much as I might.
But I am both fat and ginger, so I do have some idead of being victim of impersonal abuse.
I value very much my varied and aware friends for making me aware of progressive trends that I do try to support. I'll name "HWtOG" as a prime leader in this but there are many of you.

I beleive one of the reasons I am less aware of "needs for change" is that I don't think I particularly discrimate because I don't hate or really dislike anyone.
There are mild exceptions for various cultures like "Americans" and "the French" but those are self-fueled....

Possibly one reason I don't discriminate is that I'm not in a position in society to make decisions about anybody.

The memo: "did they not get the memo", did I miss a memo".
Did anyone send a memo?
If they did, are they anyone you would take notice of?
There are many conventions appearing about the Right Things to call all sorts of persons. But with what groups are these conventions originating? They may be well thinking and debated opinions but if the groups forming the conventions
- don't send a memo
- don't send a memo the target audience will read rather than glance at and bin, or worse, get annoyed by and decide to actively oppose
- be a group of people the target audience cares about
then they will not advance their cause.

"People of colour"
I discovered a few days ago why the term "coloured people" is objected to and "people of colour" is prefered. Because of apartheid signs in SA it appears. Now I've heard that the issue seems understandable and valid. Otherwise on the surface it sounds frankly, like whiney sophistry.
I myself object to there being "white people" and "people of colour".
Because I don't care (socially) about skin pigmentation. To me it's just a convenient differential when pointing out one person in a group of people. We need there to be just "people".

I am unsure if bigotry can be "cured". I think it more likely it can only be changed as generations of society passes along. I'm old-ish and I've seen it happen; British '70s TV through to now.
If you wield a too big a stick against bigoty there is a fair chance it will fuel a fire not put it out.


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