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Haven't posted for ages, hadn't read for ages.

I suppose that's mostly the fault of Farcebork. And not really feeling any change, although change happens every day, doesn't it.
I suppose I should divulge some stuff while I'm here.

Health: I am still aging and "too big". Body mass is a trixy thing; the more you have, the more efficient your body seems to become and thus uses less fuel. Also indolence.
With goring into tales of serious infections, I now have compression hose, surgical stockings, whatever. And you know what, they are *massively* comfortable! Custom made on the NHS. Hurrah for PPC!

Work: I am currently still employed by me. This may change. Not that I want a realy job but that my current workload (because an arrangement I had has just ended) may not be regular enough to cover a monthly wage. I believe I don't actually need to get a job, do to planning and pocket money and, frankly, work is mostly a burden. What I like is that the work I do/have been doing is a profitable hobby.
And I like/need a lot of time in Darlo for mi mam.

Cars: Currently still at 3 cars but hope to reduce to 2 soon.
Last Autumn I bought a proper grown-up's (not crazy, not wreck) car for general local use, a 2013 Kia Picanto 1.2L petrol 3dr.
This was because all cars since 2001-ish are too wide for my driveway (which driving a 2001 Vectra I didn't notice) and it took Much Research to find a nice narrow car.
Strictly the Picanto isn't so narrow but the Kia spec levels bring in electric folding mirrors on a lot of models. Picanto mirrors out - too wide, mirrors in - easy fit. Which means I don't have to mess around with manual folding every time I come and go, and can park around the back of the house with my shopping and such. Or even come home and park in the same street.
This Autumn I additionally bought a mostly grown-up 2010 Ford S-Max 2L diesel as a tow-car for the caravan.
Also as a motorway cruiser for the regular trips to Darlo. It's main feature is that it is heavy, whereas most modern cars, including most SUVs, are designed to be light.
Just now need to sell the Freelander. I'd like to sell it, rather than send yet another worthless wreck to the scrapper. We'll see how the imminent MOT goes....
The guy from Raw2k remebered me from other cars, they're not people of who I really want to be a regular customer, nice as they were.
Also come and go in the last few years: Rover 200, 2 Vauxhall Vectras and a Mondeo. All noice enough cars but eventually became not financially sensible to repair and keep running.

LRP: Still doing LT (still staff, refs, infact now "Plot Actuation Manager"), Empire (holidaymaker, there for beer, food and conversation) and Twisted Tales when I'm not ill, dammit!!!

Date: 2017-01-30 04:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good to read you!

Date: 2017-01-30 08:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good to hear from you, sorry to hear about the medical stuff, but definitely hurrah for the NHS.


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