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I like to see other people's post but haven't posted for a while m'sen, which seems unfair.

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We've just had one. We were generally okay.
I was knackered from the weekend and only unloaded the car today, main cos I needed to put band stuff in! But we were generally okay. We played through our 22 numbers and timed the two halves. 45 mins and 40 mins but we didn't play anythng slow.
We need more songs. As we just set off and played You Really Got Me on spec and it was okay, that is probably in. Also will all look at White Room. Apparently must look at Nothing Else Matters.
The drummer and I have a song-hate-swap; he gets to hate Sweet Home Alabama, I get to hate Freebird (as a song to play).

PRS is lighter than SuperYob ... but not as rawr!
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Good, rehersal rooms getting sweaty. Air con promised but probably not in next week or so....
We now 'know' how to play more or less all of our current set of songs.
Just a matter of getting them "right" on a more regular basis.

Remembered to bend between songs so back not as bad.
Must remember to walk about so calf doesn't cramp.
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An actual entry as a refer-back journal item rather than a topical rant
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Tonight I went to a 'practice' and now appear to be in 'a band'.
I'm the Fresh Faced Young Boy.
This is a very strange experience.
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Dispite concerns elsewhere, I do live still, but have not spoke up.

Anyway, I now have a new mobile telephone device.
O2 X2i cos... it's got a flip (sorry slide-fan(s)), its got blootoof and it came with a free blootootf earwostsit. So far I have charged it, put my old SIM in (so all numbers still the same!) and paired it with the iPAQ at my desk. Earwotsit still on "orange LED". The camera has been used mainly to photo something black to use as a wallpaper.
The old phone now has the new SIM whose number I will discover somehow!......

In other news, I was unable to attend "The English's" do in Brum as I had to go to what I thought was the final ever meeting of A Little Knowledge, but it was apparently only the penultimate such cacophony before the bassplayer is taken to Eire forever-ish.


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