Jun. 15th, 2010 05:09 pm
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May. 4th, 2010 09:55 pm
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Meaning "Spring Moot".

Mostly I sat at the Plot Act desk. The Staff Ref Team was very low on numbers ("The good nes; you all get your own radio.....") so we only had one shift; from Friday to Monday! It was tiring. Not just being "on duty" for so long but it being just that bit harder. Younger, fitter folk were ground by the machine more. But mostly they don't like plot act and I do so we were all okay there. And it was COLD. It was cold early, and rainy and wet at the start.
Sunday was a tease, weatherwise, as it was sunny and the mud had firmed up nicely before the big winds and rain/hail of Monday.
My tent lost a handful of guyropes on the Monday afternoon. It stayed up fine but I'm finding the incident of Maelstrom Easter 2? years ago is a nagging monir phobia about camping and the wind. Something to do with the fear of being impaled in my sleep by a snapped centrepole if it had bent in another direction. And BORED with puttingup tents and takening them down.
I shall happily use Old Age as an excuse to get a caravan sometime, I suspect, especially now I know there are places you can leave them in between.
Especially if/when I need to go and live in Darlington again.
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Specifically, the something that goes on the end of a tent leg (as on partytent or gazebo)
that is a piece of tube stuck to a disc. At least 4 (that being the number of legs on my new camping bed) and at least ... about an inch and a quarter in diameter.

If you have any of these from perhaps a defunct contraption I would be interested in talking with you.
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Grinding. That was my main achievement today.

After the supreme effort yesterday to go out and buy a 3 metre length of 2x2 (I think, I just waved half of the the other pole at the bloke behind the wood counter) for a massive £2.37 !! and now having rounded the "top" end of it, I have a nice "ethnic" centre pole for my "other" bell tent.

I shall field test it (ho ho ho) at Outcast).
And then, [ profile] ruana1, it could be borrowable for Maelstrom?
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Despite the way we all laughed at Spoony for "loosing the key to his tent" and such, I am strangely drawn to the idea of a trailer tent. I have wandered around the local camping exhibition and I see the very one I would like, however I don't want to pay £2K+++ for a newish one or even £1K250 for a nice second hand one. So I can't have that one. Raclet Solena, so as y'know.

However there are many cheap other trailer tents on eBay ( yes yes ***ing eBay still!)
My main concern seeing them is thatthe flippout beds seem to be supported on flimsy wee legs and no-one seems to understand that safety from gales is expressed with rachet straps.

Has anyone ever used one of these contraptions?
How would the react to a tipsey DM casting himself into the bed?
Would they become like Zorbs at the first hint or real camping winds?
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Friday went pleasantly with my friend Fozdyke ringing me to remind me we were doing beers that night and he would collect me. Bears had, food ated, much ranting done, oh yes :-)
Much more ranting with Sara later while not getting around to ringing for taxi.

Up "early" on Saturday to whizz off to Brum. Took longer than hoped due to NCP franchise on M1, so nipped off via M45 and then remembering I had fewer dots in Local Area Birmingham than I'd have prefered... but eventually arrived at Chez [ profile] quondam for tea and chatting.

From there a quick visit to the Velvet Glove third world sweatshop for more tea and more chatting.

Finally to the Partee at Mr & Mrs [ profile] evil_chalkie's new abode. Ate pizza, sold horn to eBay chap. Reprise of seeing [ profile] quondam now with [ profile] ruana1 and [ profile] nyarbaggytep's R. Also dubious LT/Outcast crossover types. And others.
Drank exhotic canned pop until about midnight, drove home.

Went to bed, got up, not as early as planned... but in enough time to actually get to Tesco's and then to the Camping Exhibition. Which has just openned and thus has only half its damned stock, so no shiney new airbed for me!. Got some very Large metal spikes for ratchet strapping at Maelstrom.


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