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Long shot.

Anyone with car space for one DM with loads of gear driving past Hitchin on the way to Kibblestone sometime tomorrow?

My car has just been rushed to the garage with a snapped suspension coil and they are in some doubt was to whether they can fix it anytime tomorrow.
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"That" being massively outbid in the final seconds of the sale of a Marshall Jubilee combo.
A lovely object but not essential.

I shall concentrate my eBay-fu on looking at cars now, like a good chap (who has just been told that fixing the peculiarity of his car's clutch would cost about a grand!!) should. It still works but the 'dip' changes from day to day and in use. Any cost grteaer than the orginal price is perhaps a sign.
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...the car could have broken a few days later, in the midst of going to Maelstrom,
and the garage may not have been able to diaganose the problem and fit me in tomorrow.
Broken coil spring on the LHS suspension, fwiw.
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The nice garage that was a family business and not expensive and generally very helpful and within acceptable walking distance appears to have had its premises "repossessed by the landlord" and as such are no longer available to me.
I liked them and they weren't cowboys (to me as a customer) and well, I knew they were there!
Now I shall have to risk at least the imminent service & MOT to the local official Vauxhall dealer (who were admittedly v. friendly and offered courtesy cars and pick-up and lifts and all sorts)
And to charge £250.

Still, perhaps the old garage should have charged more and not gone bust? Hmmm.........
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A very dull drive back from Northampton in the tempid tea-time of the M1's soul was transformed to delight by track 136 of my USB stick and a volume setting of 52.
#136 is the entire Slade Alive (vol 1) album.
I didn't blow the bloody doors off, but was concerned they might.
As well that I had the sunroof open...

C M 'kay

Mar. 22nd, 2007 11:08 pm
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Just to record that on this day at 19:25, just having returned to Hitchin and less than a mile from home, the Vectra merrily clicked over it's first 100K on the milometer.
And kept going just fine!*

(* - FX:touch wood)

Car news

Mar. 13th, 2007 05:23 pm
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Suitable bits of electric string now join the aerial cable in the wiring loom to the hole in the back of the radio. Hurrah. Let there be sound.


Mar. 10th, 2007 05:05 am
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busy old week )

Car trivia

Feb. 19th, 2007 11:39 pm
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(Hmmm, for "why" substitute "what is the point")
... in, when coming to flog your motor, and you have left a gaping hole in the dash where the radio would otherwise be, would someone remove their flash speakers AND THEN put in the old originals WHEN YOUR BUTCHERED WIRING NO LONGER CONNECTS TO THEM and then reassemble it all.

Today I have been (a) poking multimeter probes into the radio wiring loom and (b) diassembling the front door trim.
Thankfully, the rear speakers seem to have escaped upgrade. They function. I could survive BUT the car can have 4 speakers and the new radio can operate them so there will be 4 speakers DAMMIT!
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.. but I have a new car, which has now been as far as Northampton, had its first passenger ([ profile] fusalys) and had a CD (Best of Hawkwind) played in it while driving.
Tomorrow we will address: why the USB won't play my memory stick, or more to the point claims there are no files on it; getting an aerial adapter; fixing the radio unit into the slot so it doesn't fall out everytime I accelerate/corner hard.
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I bought toys today.

Toy for the Vectra was a radiogram; radio CD and most cutely USB memory stick (damn, anotherpatent lost!) which should have been easy to install, as all the connectors matched the ones on the loom, but due to needing to find the little section in the manual marked "And if you have Vauxhall...." to find the wiring hack.
But I had done well with programming the keyfob so was still "up".
Now... need to refill memory stick with actual MP3s not WMAs.
It is a Wharfdale; it would have been a Sony but when I got to Argos to get the Sony I found this was (a) not Sony, to make [ profile] ruana1 happy and (b) had most of the same features for £20 less! So it's 40w per channel, not 50w. I'll manage!

Toy for me was a robot dinosaur! I'd seen roboreptile in Tesco's before Xmas and had advised my mum that for once there WAS a silly thing to by for her bairn's stocking. But Darlo didn't have any on at the same price as daan sarf. Today in Argos, waiting for radiogram to appear, I saw them at the acceptible sub £40 price. He's a merry little growler but appears to want to try and climb things he just can't. But 40+years of robotless trauma are satisfied!!!
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Astra )
A "bit of welding here an there" is one thing; a new from crossmember plus new brake system (almost) was just to much. Well, £500 to £600 for parts the plus labour. An irrational and emotional DM can only do so much.

This blue beast did all but 3 *ever* LT mainline events, all the Omegas and all the Maelstroms to date. It's seen some people in very silly clothing! It went to Dartmoor several times and up as far as Hadrian's Wall. We went to Wales a few times, but of course one doesn't like to talk about that!
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According to the garage, I may have _finally_ driven my car into the ground!
Anyone got a spare front crossmember for an Astra?


Jan. 7th, 2007 05:18 pm
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On the way back from Tesco last night (I'm just such a jet-setter, dontchaknow) there commence a Bangy Noise from the car. This appears to be a non-connection of exhaust to rest of car, presumably due to expired rubber band hooky thing.
So today we (car & I) chug out to get it fix.
STS opens only 9 til 1 (chugging started at 3)
KwikFit are open but the specially trained operative who does exhausts is not in today and the other lowly minions are only extensively trained to change tyres.

*sigh* Try Again Tomorrow.
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Anyone who has had the pleasure of travelling in my much discussed vehicle over the last few years will have notices a distinct noise from the front nearside wheel.
I say noise, perhaps Thunderous Roar!! or DEAFENING RACKET!!!!!! would be better terms.
(although not so loud that [ profile] sack_boy couldn't sleep :-P )

But after the tumult that was a recent trip to the Leicester locale I decided that enough was enough - and possibly hinting at life threatening.
I now announce that my jallopy is now worth £108 more and is - relatively - silent.

Oh,.... apart from the internal fan.......
Can anyone recommend a small hairdryer that would connect to the cigar lighter??
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in that I was up at 07:30AM for reasons other than LRP.
[ profile] fusalys is on a course in London this w/e and staying with me.
See went into see someone last night and I collected her from the last train, so bed about 2AM !
Then up to run her to the station. Back... sometime between now and Sunday eveing!
As I was up I treated myself to a Morrison's breakfast.
Place was full of Old Folk! Why do they shop on Saturday mornings? When you have all the week?

In other news, my car driver's door window has just stopped winding back up.
I may have to Do Tools later.

After I go back to bed for a while :-)

Car update

Jul. 24th, 2006 01:42 pm
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still going.... )
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The car is still with the garage but - they have been taking it out and The Fault has appeared for them!
So, it has become something of a matter of professional pride and mechanical vendetta for them.
Which is good.
And I can walk to Sainsbury's for all my general needs.
And I have a kwikimart over the road and a chinese and a kebab shop.
So I won't starve to death.
May resort to expensive pop, but hey, I'll cope for now.

Those of you who follow vehicle based religions, put in a word for the poor blue(*) banger.

(* - except the new wing, sill and wheel arch; wot r blick! And the rusty bits. And the wheels, etc!)


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