Better days

Jul. 2nd, 2006 11:29 pm
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which included getting a lift to Locko courtesy of [ profile] magpye's air-con and back courtesy of Sarah aka Tyto's buggy - with towbar and thus trailer!!
So I and all my kibble are now all home.

In other news, It Was Hot!!!!!
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If so I am you best friend and a pain in the arse......

I thought I'd be able to avail myself of a mate in Nottingham.
But he has changed cars.....
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Thus I am returned from Consall Scout Camp, twixt Cheadle and Leek.

Being There:
Apparently, says Ed who was there then, it was a much lovlelier site last w/e as it
- had moonlight to see by quite well at night, not pitch black cloudy darkness
- was not waterlogged by rain such that it was very muddy and half unusable.

Frankly, anywhere with that profound a collection of contour lines in one small place doesn not really get my vote. Not unless they let me drive up the 45 degree rocky mountain track from "where bed and food was" to "where the action was" in any future visit. Nice loos, though.

Getting There:
I hadn't said anything during the week as I had installed a brand new set of "spark leads" and this had seemed to have had such a pleasing effect on the car in general, that I was sure it must have been "The Fix" needed.
While starting now seems to, well, to occur at all when the car is cold and wet, on the way up I had to random engine "stoppings". At least... these seem be more encapsultated to "cough cough I'm just going to stop... now!" followed by a short rest then turn it over and "vroom-a-zoom, let's go go go".
Not good, but perhaps "better".
Very reminiscent of a problem I used to have with my old Bedford CF in the winter, when a trip of 18 miles down the A1 to my "local" of an evening could involve two 'rests' on the hard shoulder.
This was ("apparently, I am told") due to the venturi (sucky in air bit of carburetor) frosting up until the air flow was cut off. The short pause would allow this ice to melt (being in the hot metal of an engine) and the work again.


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