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I have just lashed out the princely sum of eight quid on something from eBay.
It seems fine, I just want to know what it Really Is!

It's a guitar amp (practice combo) called an ARIA PRO II TWIN DRIVE II
which has the model type of "ATG 35R" on the back (and power consumption 30W).

I'd just like to know more about its innards.
But I find nothing...

Help me nothing-better-to-do-web, you're one of my only hopes!
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I have some guitar pedals.
They are mounted on a little platform fastened in one of those silvery metal camera cases from Argos with converted unhook hinges.
Currently the little platform is plain plywood (and wood).
I feel I should paint it - but what colour?
- Silver(y) to match the metal case
- white...
- another eciting colour that you suggest!!

prace bet now
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Tonight I went to a 'practice' and now appear to be in 'a band'.
I'm the Fresh Faced Young Boy.
This is a very strange experience.
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Dear Lord, for a moment I considered replying to a "band wants new lead guitarist" advert.
They are (a) local and (b) want someone, but I've listened to them on and (at the risk of offending the delicate sensibilities of any friends who like them) well, my dears, they really do seem so far up their arses I'd tease them.
It didn't make me strut.
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being that provided by two 4x12 cabs on the end of a valve amp.

No pedals required.
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feeling your guitar thumb is getting back on form!
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... dropping "Brown Sugar" a semitone from a jingley little C ditty to a grunty little E pentatonic playground for all those old riffs we know and love.
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By Free.
In A or G ?


Sep. 11th, 2007 11:34 pm
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Note to self: Must Play More. Must Play PRS More.

Still kinda have speed but don't have ... feel, soul, timing, fretskimbounce, ... technique?
irdm: (Default) I actually got around to taking my PRS to the guitar shop for a service/overhaul/setup/fret-dressing, which it has wanted for a year but first I was tight on money and then last few months tight on time to get down to Machine Head.

So by next Wednesday I should have back the axe that over-rules a certain old adage and associated joke.


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