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I'm just having a GRRRRR about something LRP related and this place has less chance than FarceBork of anyone that my GRRRRRRR is about overseeing.


GEF 2012

Jun. 5th, 2012 04:43 pm
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The short version


The Ref Team
While I was IC.
A good bed.
& all the people I saw


Not knowing Sarah had brought her bench of pummel
As ever, not seeing enough of the people I saw.
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I will trawl through the world's events on Tuesday.
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I am busy!
I've done 2 LRP weekends (PD then LT) in a row and inbetween there was work.
Not real work like for other people but overwhelming for me.
I have missed out on telly, shopping and guitar.
Band practice tomorrow, need some fretboard time!
Heart set on eBay item that was sold elsewhere.
Crushed emo rockstar.
Today was 14 hours, due to last minute "cloud system feature" and people saying WTF??? a lot.
We cracked it. May have used sledgeammer.
Bed now.

Need to hang tent on bannisters. Are they only bannisters if they go down stairs rather than along the landing? hmm....


Jul. 4th, 2011 07:22 pm
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If you know what it is, why do you use it?
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Stuff ) and Things )
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The roleplaying I did.
Those few lovely people that I did get to see for more that a moment.
That the drive home from Tormenting Stud is 55 miles in under an hour and a half.
Having an IC tent conveient to others.

Hmmm meh?
The weather: it was better than if it had rained torrentually but really it was far too sunny, especially at the start. That it calmed down later on saved it.

The many people I have hoped to get to spent some quality time with that I didn't, although some I did get to at least exchange a few fleeting words with, perhaps a few for who those few minutes made the missed possibilities more vexing..
Putting up and taking down tents.
The extreme fire hazard aspect of the cramped conditions of the IC camping


Jan. 22nd, 2011 01:22 am
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The website seems gone, wossup?
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On page 6 of the recent LT RUNE booklet there is a cartoon creature named "Deathty".
Could anyone enlighten me as to what this is based upon?
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Mostly I have been in bed, mostly not-awake, and occassionly cough, wheezing and grunting.
It's not really been fun but at least I was mostly to groggy to ntice if I was bored.

I blame it all on "a commuter virus" I picked up on the 1st of the month, whilst visiting That London. I am now mostly better, I think, at least enough to drive up to Nottingham last night for the Harts Social event at Bugman's Bar.
A certain Hazel of Heyforth was meant to be coming along as well but she woke up on Saturday morning, DRUNK IN A GUTTER! and in the wrong country at the wrong time. Certainly not on the intended coach back to London that had left hours earlier. I mention this merely for her ETERNAL SHAME!

I was pleased that the roads were essentially entirely clear and my journey was an easy 2 hours door to door each way. Before the event I met with an associate and transfered to him a blakc bag containing not one but 2 boxes of the WH40K game "Space Hulk" (originals) which are now highly sought after and fetch serious money on eBay.
Said associate has a Lad who is ?10 and has been permanently resident in the Games Workshop gaming rooms since August when Lad discovered WH40K and his dad perforce became a demon wheelerdealer in such commodities on eBay to fund this new addiction.
Anyway, I suspect boxes will be re-wrapped in more festive material and turn up under the xmas tree.

The event was nice. Quiet. The room wasn't as wedged out as it can be. There was some plot. There was Harts Internal stuff (hurrah for the new Lord Regent, etc) and some serious PvP which was of personal interest and, even though the flurry of daggers and spells was quite obvious, I'll not go into details.
I also got to meet some of the newer Wolves IC as mostly I don't see any of them at all, other than to occassionaly throw monsters at them.

Didn't get to talk IC to a number of folk I know OOC, although I was informed that a certain [ profile] lady_ellinor was completely wankered.
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Will this 1st of December be the First Wednesday Of The Month for LRP frothbooze purposes?

I wuz robbed of frothbooze in November by trotskyists in The Other LT stealing my tubes and may feel entitled to a Xmas Party.
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A Firefly fan friend of mine has just been informed by me that there is such a thing as Serenity LRP and is somewhat enthused.
However I know little more that "there is one" and "I've seen some of you in pictures".
If anyone has info on "Event 7" and how she might join a crew?....... and such.


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