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As my readers may be aware, I have at times take issue with Micr$soft and their contamination with some vitriole.
Well, here we are again!

Specifcially (because Crystal Reports is just so insane) and bth "the C# compiler" and "Crystral Reports" are 'done' by M$ yet, as a reasonable programmer seeking to do a simple task(*) why o why o why are the CR graphics primatives (specifically the Chart object, with say a simple hash table as a parameter??) not exposed as an API that someone can just use to pump data into and get back an image as a result?

Most of this is driven by the facts that
CR is just insane
CR text objects and data fields do not have a global modifying system like the CSS class feature they offer for HTML output
CR gets data and holds it!!! how fucking insane is that!! I want it to use the data from the DATABASE!!!! all the time and re-run the SP to get the data every time. Dear. God.
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Today I am mostly hating specific Micro$oft products;

Crystal Reports which seems to be STUPIDER THAN ACCESS if such is possible (viz, no nice way to say "here's my SQL query, get on with it!" or even "use the same DB as the calling report, huh?")
I fear trying to assign the data source to a different place.
Programming is so easy!......

Transact-SQL which just cannot cope with the same SQL you can type going in a VIEW.
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Microsoft Access? )

DM does XP

Aug. 16th, 2006 02:37 am
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rant!! (may have swearing) )
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This space reserved for a rant about an "impossible" situation with C#/ASP.NET and things stored in Session.
But now I have a "luncheon appointment" (hic).
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...but here's a Micro$haft rant!! )
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anti-M$ Access vitriole )
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M$ as ever )


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