Sep. 6th, 2009 05:35 pm
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I fell I've done very little. Less than I'd planned in practical terms (e.g. taking dead printers to the tip) but I've done some work related coding which I suppose is grist to the financial mill.
Ought to be laundering faster for the next event. Meh.

And forgot to go out on Saturday night :-(
I'd planned to nip down to a local pub cunningly now named "The Venue" to scope out its live music provision, as part of my "return to rock stardom" project.
Just need to find a band.... or at least people who aren't
- older than me and want to play twinkly '60s stuff
- younger than me such that even contacting them would feel like 'grooming'
- wanting to play Too Modern frantic shouty shite(*)

Where is that enclave of Hard Rock in North Herts??

(* - I looked at Enter Sandman, which is just about my limit of TMfss. God it's pointlessly complex and pretentious. Even the Motorhead cover finds it hard to find balls. Apocolyptica seem quite jolly.)
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I have this weekend attended two musical recitals.

Friday was a 'punk' gig headlined by The Bleach Boys, plus other acts.
The #3 band was more what I'd call punk.
The #2 band was more what I'd call Damned/HotRods 'new wave' and a bit "too polished" if that made sense.
The #1 band was still that end of things, but very good and much more in the spirit. Lots of jumping, The Push? and in your faceness.
I did comment to my associates that some of the audience were almost as old as me!
(n.b. [livejournal.com profile] evil_chalkie, Sara is still a babe!)

Saturday up to a local pub to see Mary's Autumn Reign do a little stint. Again a Mature Audience but they are a self avowed ProgRock band. They had some rentacrowd but I'm not sure what the locals made of it!

ION, my [car's] steering has start making strange graunching noises at types. My wallet has the ph34r!

In Concert

Jul. 7th, 2006 10:38 pm
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I've just watched 10CC from 1974.
The sound was superb, their playing was extremely skillful.
But God(ley) they were dull. Really.


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