Apr. 21st, 2008 11:34 pm
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"The apoplectic feet underneath the swan of LRP events."
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The car is still with the garage but - they have been taking it out and The Fault has appeared for them!
So, it has become something of a matter of professional pride and mechanical vendetta for them.
Which is good.
And I can walk to Sainsbury's for all my general needs.
And I have a kwikimart over the road and a chinese and a kebab shop.
So I won't starve to death.
May resort to expensive pop, but hey, I'll cope for now.

Those of you who follow vehicle based religions, put in a word for the poor blue(*) banger.

(* - except the new wing, sill and wheel arch; wot r blick! And the rusty bits. And the wheels, etc!)
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Well, the jallopy has been with the car doctors and it works just fine all the time it is in the garage being tested and prodded.
I've spent today up there taking it for drives, getting the same fault, taking it back, them scratching theirs heads and talk more arcane automotive lore.
When it does work, it pulls like a train!!!

In programmer speak it's a "non-reproducible bug" I guess.
Almost need to drive around with machanics under the bonnet so they can be there when it goes!!!


Oct. 7th, 2005 06:51 pm
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My dear old car is in a bit of an odd state.
I seems to have what has been diagnosed as a "random electrical fault"/
Which means some days it won't particularly go, or only like a kangaroo.
Other days it is fine.
I've had it for 12? years and 200K miles, which may baffle some folk, but it's a thing I've grown used to and comfortable with.
The issue of replacement is arising, which is mainly one of Using Spare Cash, which I'd prefer to stay in resrve for well, living on, at the moment.
And finding a suitable Other Car.
Hey, ho. We forget how much a car that just runs becomces part of our normal life, such that problems just result in a Blank Stare of disbelief, like the sun not rising in the morning.


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