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Set of new taps - £120
A plumber or two for an hour or two - £80
A water system that works more or less like other people's - priceless


Aug. 11th, 2008 12:58 am
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I have a nice new set of the taps I was after from B&Q. Mixer with lever taps. Hopefully they will get fitted on Wednesday evening.

Now then, having assembled them and played with them, I am of the opinions that I would like them installing "back to front". This would mean.

Levers - instead of being out for off and forward for on, they would be backward for on. There is plenty of space between the tap position and the wall behind, and they wouldn't be over the sink while they were on. They be "push away" to turn on and "pull back to" for off.

Hot & Cold - currently, as seems standard?? currently hot is on the left and cold is on the right. I believe the other way seems more logical. If I want to fill a jug or glass or pan with cold water then I want to hold this in my primary right hand and work the cold tap with my left.

If they are "back to front" then the tap on the left is labelled 'C'. There is plenty of room to fiddle the pipework, especially if plumber bloke uses those hoses that seem popular.

Can anyone thing of problems?


Oct. 8th, 2007 12:31 am
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as in Do It (Eventually) Yourself! )
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Those who have followed my plumbing sagas with ba[i]ted breath are in for a treat.
Having recently discovered The Hole In The Bath and the trauma that ensued; the apparent embedding of the bath thing the walls, leaks and dishes and such, a genuine Bath Fixing Kit was located in the local merchant supplies factor. However this piddly little packet was priced at TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS!!!

Naturally, as an entire bath can start at as little as £125, a fifth/quarter of this caused me to step back with The Fear. I am thus about to, this arvo, make the first test of the fix instilled by returning to my True Nature.

I have bunged up the hole by repeated application of Evo-Stik (Impact) from a £1.39 tube - bought especially for its nozzliness. That now-dry layering has just minutes ago been protected by a layer of indestructable GAFFA TAPE. How can this fix not last forever........
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Anyone know how/if one can repair a [the type that isn't metal] bath?
Mine appears to have bubbled in one internal corner and this has rippled through, such that, when filled, it leaks. Not to much to catch in a plastic dish at the mo, but bound to worsten.

Yes, I could get a new bath but.. )
irdm: (Default) the plumber has best arrive soon!


Nov. 29th, 2006 02:21 am
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Again I rant about the insanity of plumbing and the bizarre nay ludicrous ways they construct such apparatus.
In this case nuts, which of course need spanners and leverage and are subject to watery interactions.
Madness all of it.
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Little plumbing really happened although some wirebrushing of prospective area was done.
More wire brushing, perhaps with more focusable gadget attachment next?
We'll see.

the Cuffley bit )
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Well, today has seen the hot water cylinder emptied, a shopping trip to buy spaulas and instead getting more of the apply-by-hand goo and said goo just applied to major and minor offending locations on the copper.
It claims it cures quickly. I intend to leave the water feed turned off until the morning.
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Hmmm... well I've undone the two nuts that hold the tap onto the water pipes.
And **** all moves.
It's like it was welded.....
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It appears tomorrow I shall be plumbing.
I have found a tell-tale source of moisture under the shelf where the hot water cistern lives, betrayed by a faint yet audible drip.
The cistern has been patched with magic goo by me a number of times over the years.
As it is now summer (viz not middle of winter and cold) I am inclined to do "cistern replacement".
Perhaps a quick patch first, but I'm feeling prudent.
Just not feeling rich, otherwise might seek a Man Who Can.
May hope is that the pipe configuration matches something still being made.


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