Apr. 17th, 2010 01:55 am
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I suspect my first choice of "just let the Queen shoot people she doesn't like" and similar will not be catered for.
Not sure who would meet the criteria "FOR GODS SAKE STOP PASSING LAWS" and "FOR the people" and "stop local council 'cabinets' turning towns into Secret Russian Gangster enclaves".

Currently I'm Lib Dem on a purely "Labour and Conservative are similar shades of *****" unless I see a local choice of something more appealing.

Colour me Green to avoid Red, Blue and Yellow??
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I've just watched this.
I don't know anything really about BNP policy. Nick Griffin may be evil, or not.
I think it is not 'wrong' to ask any member of the public onto a TV panel show.

I was most vexed by audience people who don't ask a question but make an accusation and finish it with "how can you say that?".
From when I was a student, I was always vexed by people who said "you can't say that!" to someone.
They obviously *could* because they just had.

There seemed an undercurrent from many panelists and such that "we can't let the BNP have a million supporters". Sorry, but the whole point of a democracy is that people get to choose, and if the BNP are seen as a solution to many people's issues they will get votes. Perhaps the correct approach is for the "more mainstream" parties to sort their own acts out and do things The Public actually wants?

Again I point out I have very little idea of the content of anyone's Party Policies.
But if you gain or lose votes, there is a reason.
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Discussing politics, that is.

But really, this whole "MPs have been fiddling their expences" charade.
What seriously evil activity does the government have underway that it needs this much smokescreen putting up??

Is it just this immoral(*) "constitution" affair or something even more insidious??

(* - Monarchists don't need constitutions. They have a Monarch to tell them what is allowed. More beheadings at Tyburn for a start!!)


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