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On their door they say "[product] Half Price!"
I go in, I go to the display of boxes, I pick one up, I read the label stuck on it.
Stuck on all the empty display boxes. With bits of the label crossed out in biro, to the effect that the item is "out of stock". There is no queue (as they are about to shut) to confirm they are out of stock. Assistant says yes. Assistant says they have been out of stock for a while afask and doesn't know if they'll get them in.
I enquire then why perchance they don't TAKE THEM OFF THE SHELF???
She doesn't know. I put the box back and leave.

OI! SMITH! NO! Sell things or don't.


Aug. 14th, 2008 04:36 am
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mutter mutter modern computers mutter mutter NO RESET BUTTON! mutter mutter power puttons that are some kind of "request" mutter mutter PULL OUT CABLE fergawdsaak! mutter mutter

and you try and tell the youth of today how things could work and they just look at yer......

mutter mutter cd/dvd drives mutter mutter kiss of death to so many machines of mine mutter mutter


Aug. 6th, 2008 04:12 pm
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While I like the 'new' layout, and there seems more chance of it actually working more times than 'old' facebook (which may be just server balance) they still appear to be screwing up the URLs.
I speak for FireFox of course, as I care not for browser-like HTML-incompatible software such as Interweb Exploder
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I'm unclear as to that being a realy word.
Clearly the chap is a man o'God as he didn't end his new speach with "and for the thickos who don't really listen..."

Attacks on firemen

What insanity is this? Attack the people who (a) have high pressure hoses and axes and (b) may well be trying to stop YOUR house burning down next time. The so called government have apparently writen "this is even more norty than it was, so there" on a piece of paper in their usual pointless way.
I suggest a couple of blokes with "room brooms" to clear this layer of scum out of our gene pool Right Now! Sign me up, I only care about humans.

3rd thing

There was one, but I've fergitten. I may edit later.
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genius, but contains swearing... cos it does, okay! )
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Much as I see the Smart Car as a shopping cart, would it be a good (for assorted values of good - discuss) to introduce more levels of driving licence as to "size ratings" of cars so that to be able to drive Big Cars in urban areas required extra testing/licence effort??

I suppose one of my bugbears is the Kensington Tractor for the school run only.
(Yes [ profile] ikkleblacktruck some people _do_ need a wagon AND to take kids to school. Some. Few.)
Should 'people' be allowed to drive big "antisocial" vehicles for no "good reason". Capitalism says yes, what about democoracy and environment?

Hey that would be a thing - *only* hybrids (electric+petrol) cars in restricted areas??

And should we shoot(*) people who willfully drive without licence/insurance?
(* - assuming there isn't room in prison, or they don't need deporting)

[Diplomatic immunity abuse - a rant for another day]
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Sparked by a rant elsewhere.

Is someone always responsible?

I'm thinking of the "police can't touch young crimials" issue (if it is an issue?)

My attitude is simple; either the Law and Police should protect *me* or allow *me* to protect myself.

Either child criminals are the responsibility of their parents, in which case prosecute the parents (after they have thoroughly beaten their children) or they are not anyone's responsibility in which case can they just be killed out of hand and their parents have to go and make new ones?
Obviously killed humanely, like you can with a dog now there are no dog licenses.


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