Boot Hill?

Oct. 19th, 2009 05:15 am
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I have just been scraping the mud out of my nice army boots.
In the process I have extracted a large rock from each heel.
By large I mean up to 3/4s of an inch on the longest dimensions, almost bigger than the heel.
How they got stuck and got ground in without me noticing I have no idea!!

I'm not sure how terminal this is for the boots. To me they are Quite New as I remember going to the army surplus place in Brum on the way to the first HBF Vampire game where they used the church hall next to Cadbury World, which places that as Feb 2008.
Don't seem to have disrupted the side yet?....
Have to see how long the heels take to disintergrate with a huge cavity in them.
I suspect WET will be bad...

Checking my longserved rigger boots, they had a tiny piece of grit in each heel, almost perfectly symetrically!

ION: it appears you can machine wash a USB memory stick. Or at least a sample of 2 such items both still worked!! The modern version of leaving a pound note in the pocket?
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My beloved hard disk record from Mr Tesco has just bust!
Have to find the manual and check no strange but meaningful icon is showing.
Menus work, but live or playback just goes dead after a few seconds of sounds :-(
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I'm sure many years ago my mate JB assured me that in a few weeks there would be hard disk recordsers in Tesco for under £100.
He was a few years out but is now correct. There are 80Gb hard disk recorders (with two freeview channels) in Tesco for £89.97
One less than earlier today, cos mine is downstairs and recording Independance Day.
Hopefully it will record Dr Who on Saturday when I am of doing LRP!
I have my old freeview decoder daisy-chained into the recorder's AUX scart, cos it has a much nice UI (i.e. can re-order channels)
The old (Tesco, from years ago, firs sub £100 one of those too) is now set to one side, pending whether I can daisy-chain that somehow. Not that it was connected before, so I found, so perhaps I don't care. Ditto the VCR. Tapes?? you say, yes, so quaint.
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After a mere 18 years, my ansafone is *really* clapping out.
I bought it originally because it had two normal cassettes in, which one could either;
- record the outgoing message on a decent recorder witha decent microphone
- playback the incoming message similarly, and have 45 mins of space.

I doubt anyone still makes a cassette based machine :-(

Anyone "up" on modern ansafones?
If I can't get Old Tech then are there modern funky ones which interface to pooters and such?


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