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I've been busy. Reealllly busy.
I'm not used to all this. By my timesheets I've logged at least 35 hours this week. That's almost like a real job, dammit!!! 30 hours for my "day job" with a chap in Huddersfield and then another 5+ "moonlghting" for a woman ins Stevenage.
Plus last w/e was a Wolf Faction Event. I came home from that at 8PM on Sunday, parked up the car & trailer around the back, walked in the house, went straight to bed and stayed there until noon on Monday. 16 hours is good going even by my standards. Tuesday (between work) was put stuff from the car into the garage, then the trailer, then load the car with amps & cabs & kibble for band poractice on Tuesday night.
The week before was a reverse schedule busy. Loading the car for band practice on the Wednesyda night the on Thursday taking it all out and packing all the event gear (monster kit and set build things) into the car and trailer for (for me) and early set-off on the Friday.

I'm not used to busy! Best try the lottery some more?

How do you people with actual workplace based jobs cope???? How did I!!


Apr. 24th, 2012 12:31 pm
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I have accrued enough XP to level up from being a Sole Trader to being the Director of a Limited Company.

Not that exciting for my readers, but noteworthy.

Melgir Software Limited.
You heard it here first.
Unless you are my accountant or work in companies house, in which case you probably heard before I did!
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I am busy!
I've done 2 LRP weekends (PD then LT) in a row and inbetween there was work.
Not real work like for other people but overwhelming for me.
I have missed out on telly, shopping and guitar.
Band practice tomorrow, need some fretboard time!
Heart set on eBay item that was sold elsewhere.
Crushed emo rockstar.
Today was 14 hours, due to last minute "cloud system feature" and people saying WTF??? a lot.
We cracked it. May have used sledgeammer.
Bed now.

Need to hang tent on bannisters. Are they only bannisters if they go down stairs rather than along the landing? hmm....
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These last few weeks I have been busy, doing work and earning money but not having time to fit in my usual quota of pottering.
I actually had to use Saturday for Doing Shopping and such.
While I like to Code it has been a bit of a culture shock.
Fear not, I'm not having to go to an office. However the guys I work with via Skype start quite early(*) and I've had to fall out of bed and get on the grid to interact.
Then come only midnight I'm all "but I'm tired now?..." and wanting to go to bed.

Must not spend first big invoice in ages on toys.

(* - for Programmers, between 9 & 10. AM! )


Dec. 16th, 2008 12:11 am
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Got up bright and early, went to interview for contract. Suggested I could still do it, even though agency description wasn't *exactly* what they were actually after. Quain;ty enough my LRP team/projectmanagement/document compostion skills may be as significant as my normal work tech stuff!! We shall see. Only 8 miles drive through the countryside.

Bought Lemsip Max. Had some.

Weather nice. Did gardening. As in fired up "spinning wheel of death on a stick" and applied it to some plants. Brown wheely bin now full but much vegetative material left. I suppose it won't go anywhere.....

Sent 3 Xmas cards, so chances are "most" readers won't get one.
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Aug. 4th, 2007 11:32 pm
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Mar. 10th, 2007 05:05 am
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Well, my MMORPG won't suffer next week.
When I'm NOT working at PIPEX for 4-8 weeks and making a chunk of rather handy cash that had me quite cheerful about things.
Just as well I didn't get a parking ticket when I paused on double yellows this afternoon trying to get to somewhere that was shut to get something sorted that I wouldn't be able to get to when working 9-5.


Apr. 11th, 2006 02:24 am
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Perhaps elderly decrepitude is start to have a practise at me....
Certainly running (crew/reffing) an event is getting harder work.
Harder at the time, needing a do some/have a sit/do some/have a sit yo-yo power level way.
Bottom quarter inch of my feet noticing it much. Nice boots allow warm dry feet to retain feeling. Catch 22!
Perhaps some odd paranoia of the retired ex-head honcho ilk. Hmmm.
Glad I don't have a real job to need to book to take days off afterwards.
Glad the total blizzard waited until after final time-out before white-outing the site!!

After Easter up until NWO may be subjected to such and office hours regime, for money.
Not much money but consistant money.
And it's a 20 minute _walk_ from my house, so the commute should be cheap and consistant - unless there is a two pavement tail back in the High Street!!
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A very short, 5 day, era!
Back from the land of 9 to 6 - fighting kiddie taxis in the AM and crawling up the A1 in the PM

I return to my natural convenience of sleep and LRP.
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Well, almost, not much by almost anyone else's standards, but over the last few days I've been quite productive, involving some activity with;
Java/JSP/HTML/CSS wep app stuff.
C++ Win32 app
C++ WinCE app
M$Access routines (yeuck!)
C# Win32 app

I just need to add some PHP and think that's the set!


Aug. 24th, 2005 02:26 am
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Busy weekend, writing Java for the RCGP with a trip to Brum for [ profile] quondam's party in the middle.
Tuesday saw other bloke rebuilding new test server so we could test and demo changes.

Appears that (touches wood) subject to tomorrow not being 'wrong' and no printers expiring (new toner to hand) an edition of VIEW (well, REVIEW) may hit the Gathering this weekend, after "a bit of a gap"!

ALF & hamsters - vehemently not worksafe and opinionated )


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