Apr. 17th, 2012 09:08 pm
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Anyone out there dabbled with Magento (web eCommerce CMS product) ?


Jul. 4th, 2011 07:22 pm
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If you know what it is, why do you use it?
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By which I mean my new monitors have arrived and I again have
(a) dual screens on my main PC and don't have to program via a letterbox!
(b) dual screens that are the same make/model
(c) a spare monitor that is portable
(d) rather than a spare washing machine that you'd epect to open and put laundry in!

I am a man of simple tastes and pleasures. This is one of them.
Only about a tenner a screen cheaper than the previous pair I bought in 2007 for much the same devices.
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I am, aside from anything else, monitor shopping and invite suggestions for models / suppliers.

I suspect that I require to replace both of them as not having a matched pair will make me snarlygrump. Unless I can source a single LG FLATRON 1919S....

This seems to be my current consideree

Generally, small widescreen is not an option. I can't accept anything smaller than the 1024 pixels high I currently have.
If I could I'd probably run 4 displays in portrait! Maybes next time....

I suppose I could go for something wide but 1080 tall (1920x1080).....
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I have a shiney new phone. As opposed to a shiney laundered phone...

It is an LG A133.
It has a USB cable and my PC sees a new device "LGE USB Device" when I plug them together.
It has no driver. Windows cannot find one on teh intaweb. Neither can I.

A shiney penny for anyone who can location e the stuff I need.

The application "LG Phone Manager", which I have teasingly easily installed, seems to expect it to be on some COM port.
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I believe this is a M$ C# syntax question but can't find a clean description of what it is about!

It's the syntax
" same_object => "
e.g. " @Html.HiddenFor( model => model.AlbumId ) ".

What is it about, why does same_object (statistically!) always appear twice?

I assume it is not anything like the PHP " => " operator?
Naturally,as it is just some punctuation I can't JFGI
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I've just looked at ASP.NET MVC3
I've looked at the stuff it sends to the poor browser.
I can't bring myself to call it HTML because it willfully has element attributes that aren't part of HTML.

I feel dirty, and not the good type!
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I probably cover most of the requirements except for

> - Experience in adopting Microsoft Patterns

where I come under the heading of "laughing in derision, feeling violated,
despairing that they let anyone who bought a nice suit touch a computer and
wanting to scream and tell them the Right Way To Program ... as regards Microsoft 'Patterns' ".
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Has issues with one of his domain registrars.
By problems I mean I'm building a list of people in Manchester to visit someone.
I am currently at the "you don't need a baeball bat" level. Watch this space.
irdm: (Default) has to resort to 3G dongles.

My new modem is to be posted to me.
Connectivity drastically reduced for the next week or so :-(


Sep. 21st, 2010 06:10 pm
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I'm very annoyed with FarceBork.
I want to be called and displayed as "DM". Or even "D.M." would do.
But no, they have this fucking unreasonable idea that I should give them my REAL NAME ????
If FB wasn't so insidiously useful as regards keeping in touch via the intaweb I'd be working my way through many stages of DELETE right now!!!
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I say again
M$ SilverLight. Why?

I played with it. I built an app that had buttons. That was fine.
I tried to display some media.
This all made the Baby D.M. cry.

(a) "security" - Silverlight is designed to stop you doing things! M$twunts
(b) breaking - after a while the page just cam up with a set of rotating dots proclaiming "100%"

100% wank.

My attitude to Micro$oft is maintained.
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M$ SilverLight. Why?

WPF. Why?
Linq. Why?
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How odd. I have a site which won't load in W7+FireFox (3.6.7) - the fetch one or more of the frame subpages doesn't happen/complete, yet it loads and runs fine with (same)W7+IE8 and linux+FF2
I blame it on being writen in asp.

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So, as an observer of websites (particulary websites that "do stuff")
what APPEARANCE FACTORS do *you* see as the difference between "modern kewl slick" websites and them old things?


Jun. 21st, 2010 01:29 am
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What features should a CRM system have?

This may be an open-ended and piece of string question.
It may not even be the best question to ask, suggest a better one,
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as usual, why do micro$oft make it so fucking hard????? )
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After the failure of the even more expensive Tesco webcam (£10!!!) to install either, I did this afternoon visit the stationary stationery emporium of Mr Staple and lash out £16.
This one was so easy it was almost setup and working on the drive home.
Now, should I ever Skype someone again, I shall be so 20th Century.
Although at the moment, to place the camera at a height and distance that I like the image presented by it, it is clipped to an upright not a crossways edge (of the frame that is part of one of my desks) and there is no "rotate 90" on the driver setup. So it's tilted at 45 degrees. And sepia.

web cams

Feb. 25th, 2010 04:28 am
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Suggest a CHEAP webcam for me.

But not the Tesco TECHWEB1, which is back in its box having failed the basic "even the newly downloaded drivers fail to actually install" test.


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