Apr. 18th, 2017 03:23 am
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I see lots of people creating Dreamwidth accounts to eschew Livejournal.

So I've made one, cunning called "irDM".

Baaa baaa baaa.
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I have a DreamWidth blog. This is it.
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Haven't posted for ages, hadn't read for ages.

I suppose that's mostly the fault of Farcebork. And not really feeling any change, although change happens every day, doesn't it.
I suppose I should divulge some stuff while I'm here.

Health: I am still aging and "too big". Body mass is a trixy thing; the more you have, the more efficient your body seems to become and thus uses less fuel. Also indolence.
With goring into tales of serious infections, I now have compression hose, surgical stockings, whatever. And you know what, they are *massively* comfortable! Custom made on the NHS. Hurrah for PPC!

Work: I am currently still employed by me. This may change. Not that I want a realy job but that my current workload (because an arrangement I had has just ended) may not be regular enough to cover a monthly wage. I believe I don't actually need to get a job, do to planning and pocket money and, frankly, work is mostly a burden. What I like is that the work I do/have been doing is a profitable hobby.
And I like/need a lot of time in Darlo for mi mam.

Cars: Currently still at 3 cars but hope to reduce to 2 soon.
Last Autumn I bought a proper grown-up's (not crazy, not wreck) car for general local use, a 2013 Kia Picanto 1.2L petrol 3dr.
This was because all cars since 2001-ish are too wide for my driveway (which driving a 2001 Vectra I didn't notice) and it took Much Research to find a nice narrow car.
Strictly the Picanto isn't so narrow but the Kia spec levels bring in electric folding mirrors on a lot of models. Picanto mirrors out - too wide, mirrors in - easy fit. Which means I don't have to mess around with manual folding every time I come and go, and can park around the back of the house with my shopping and such. Or even come home and park in the same street.
This Autumn I additionally bought a mostly grown-up 2010 Ford S-Max 2L diesel as a tow-car for the caravan.
Also as a motorway cruiser for the regular trips to Darlo. It's main feature is that it is heavy, whereas most modern cars, including most SUVs, are designed to be light.
Just now need to sell the Freelander. I'd like to sell it, rather than send yet another worthless wreck to the scrapper. We'll see how the imminent MOT goes....
The guy from Raw2k remebered me from other cars, they're not people of who I really want to be a regular customer, nice as they were.
Also come and go in the last few years: Rover 200, 2 Vauxhall Vectras and a Mondeo. All noice enough cars but eventually became not financially sensible to repair and keep running.

LRP: Still doing LT (still staff, refs, infact now "Plot Actuation Manager"), Empire (holidaymaker, there for beer, food and conversation) and Twisted Tales when I'm not ill, dammit!!!
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Miles on car trip meter between filling up in Hitchin to leave and filling up today after shopping
Miles on car before setting off
(based on mileometer now reading 12630)
so total mileage added to car by trip in one single week.
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This is mostly about the trek home.

Breakfast with delightful hostess and #1 son in the Premier Inn restuarant. Well, I just drank some tea because I don't like to drive on too full a tum, and she ate a hearty repast. #1 son ate bread and managed to not explode ketchup packets.

Had hoped to set off by 11AM and get to Exeter by 1PM then to Bristol by 3PM.
Set off along A30 about 11:30??, was okay then queues for roadworks and accidents. Didn't get to Exeter services until 2PM, which meant getting to Bristol before 4PM was a bust. Carried on to Memberuy services then M25, M1 (detour via nice portal in Harpenden to stock up) then home.

Up until Saturday morning I had hoped to go and see another old friend in Brostol. Up until Saturday morning her entire Saturday was clear. My only current link with her is via GMAIL and sometime Saturday I found that she was going out dog walking at 4PM. My sadness blazed incandecant so it's perhaps as well I couldn't communicate well..... Perhaps next year.
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Day in short: some cove, Land's End, St Just, some cove, Zennor, St Ives in the evening
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Tired start again.

Day in short: Official Cornish Paaastie from Philps: "Standard Steak". Marazion, small boat, St Michael's Mount, small boat, random small lanes, R & J Supplies, random lanes, motel, nap, meal.
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Rose late due to being tired. Being On Holiday is Hard Work!!!

Still fed from previous supper, skipped breakfast and set off south and visited Lizard Point. Had very nice lunch in the southernmost cafe in mainland Britain. Looked at rocks.
Considered ingress. EE laughed at me.
Went to other scenic rock place. Looked at rocks.
Went by wiggly route to Roskilly Farm, famous for its icecream. Had icecream.
Had nap, had more icecream.
Returned to Camborne. Small boys still active. Did not feed them more Haribo at that time.
Chips fetched from (Beacon) chippie. Very good chips. Four DM wooden forks.
Back to motel in the hope of getting up bright and early.
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Started with a proper breakfast in the Premier Inn cafe.

Firstly taken to St Ives. I was not driving, which was best.... Terrrified of the place, like claustraphobia incarnate at the hand of some Italianate demon and a cartographer on bad drugs. Seven DM pitchforks.
Will only go again if approaching by boat.

Next on to Penzance and thence to Mousehole. It was okay. Remembered harbour walls do not vae bridges, walked down correct quay.

Back to Camborne, dropped off at motel for tech-with-charge stop while hostess acquired children.
Provided children with Haribo. Back seat may still contain Haribo.
To Portreath again, walked on beach, went in caves, directed monster for children's roleplay.
Unexpectedly fine weather. Basked on promenade while others did things with sea water.

Returning to motel, sneaked in some ingress before going into PI restaurant for supper.
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Started with a full English made with Cornish grown ingredients at a twee little tearoom place.
Shown country lanes, back to their place for a while, #2 son collected from [whatever level school/nursery 3.5 years go to] then of to the beach!

Specifically Portreath beach. I went and looked at half the harbour (only half because I managed to wrongly imagine there would be a bridge to the other half at the end...) then joined Ruth & #2 on the sand. Took visual images of beach things. Hacked some ingress portals!
Drove to Porthtowan for better quaility icecream than available at Portreath. Moomaid of Zennor!
Country lanes back to motel to be dropped off for a late afternoon nap and then later I drove around to their house for tea & chat.
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I shall record my holiday here, not on Farcebork cos, this is a blog, innit?

The first day is mostly covered by: got in a car, drove for 7 hours.
Or 5 hours, discounting service station rests. 25 mins at Membery, 35 mins at Exeter.
Set of from Hitchin at just after 11:00 and was checked into Premier Inn at Camborne by 18:00

M1 busy, M25 okay except M40 to M4, M4 okay, M5 okay, A30 FANTASTIC!
allowing for: some roadworks with 40mph restriction but traffic was doing 40, and confusing signs that made me wonder if there were 2 A30s. It was Cornwall, I was suspicious!

Was immediately kidnapped from motel by Ruth and taken/took her for food, followed by going round to her house to see Chris.
Ruth married Chris and went to live in Camborne about 5/6 years ago. I've been promising to visit ever since. Finally managed it.
They have 2 boys, more tomorrow.

On the way back to the motel was taken down tiny lanes to look at the sea. Sea officially looked at.

2016 so far

Jun. 9th, 2016 02:14 pm
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Nothing much new here.

Have been to some LRP.
Have been to Darlington often.
No new cars.
One new caravan.

2015 ?

Dec. 24th, 2015 01:11 am
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Went to some LRP events.

Scrapped 2 cars. Bought 2 cars. Net expenditure £8960. Current balance 3 cars.

Didn't do enough exercise, or visit enough people.

Ate some curries in restaurants, drank some beer in pubs but not enough.

Played a lot of ingress, need 12M AP for L16.

LRP Event

Aug. 5th, 2015 02:14 am
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Was at LRP Event. See other posts about recurring LRP event post themes.


Aug. 5th, 2015 02:14 am
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Fuck you, Livejournal, yes I want to post the same thing again!!!!!!!

LRP Event

Jul. 26th, 2015 11:21 pm
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Was at LRP Event. See other posts about recurring LRP event post themes.
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.. so I can post bizzare self-passive-agressive notes without most people knowing.

I think that's what this is anyway.
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I did a very unusual thing on Saturday evening last. It was strange in that it was also a very familiar thing that I used to do a lot.
I went out on a pub crawl in St Albans.

Actually, in that I didn't get to drink because I had to drive there because I've lived somewhere else for 30 years it wasn't a pub crawl like it used to be. But it did involved being in (or in transit between) several pubs in St Albans city centre from about 7PM until just gone midnight so it was certainly a night out. I did sneak in a half of shandy at the start, in The Mermaid, and then a half of Youngs bitter in the Farriers Arms later on. It was at this pub that the party split and the Keen Folk went off on a loop down as far as the Six Bells (near where Sally Lunn's Eating House isn't anymore) and back via the Upper Pink Tiger and Fighting Cocks and 5 of us said "bugrit, outside cold and longway, here warm and quickhalf" before wandering off via The Boot and eventually to rejoin the rest at the Farmer's Boy. Just missed a band of what looked like grizzled old rockers squeezed into in a corner. Had a final goosip and then whizzed off home.

So, not much drinking but good company. And good atmosphere; St Albans is still a hive of bohemian frivolity and grunting old locals. There were many people merrily staggering the ancient streets with no apparent trouble and lurking to get into nightclubs. Also some random street musicians about midnight.

On getting back to Hitchin I dropped by Ali Baba's for a kebab and chips to take home. It was a busy old place. While I was queuing, a tipsey young lady snuck up beside me and took a selfie of the two of us (if it's still a selfie with more than one in it). She enquired woefully of me if she looked [a bit drunk] and I said no. I managed not to say "no no poppet, you look fine" and pat her on the head, which might had ruined her immaculate street cred.

So yes, going out, I'm still all for it. Now and again.
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Ambiguous to avoid interpretation.

Some thing very sweet happened today, green and polite.


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