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"That" being massively outbid in the final seconds of the sale of a Marshall Jubilee combo.
A lovely object but not essential.

I shall concentrate my eBay-fu on looking at cars now, like a good chap (who has just been told that fixing the peculiarity of his car's clutch would cost about a grand!!) should. It still works but the 'dip' changes from day to day and in use. Any cost grteaer than the orginal price is perhaps a sign.
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What I'm not understanding is havin a sale witha starting price and a reserve?
Surely if you want X pounds for a thing you can just start at X and be done with it?
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Friday went pleasantly with my friend Fozdyke ringing me to remind me we were doing beers that night and he would collect me. Bears had, food ated, much ranting done, oh yes :-)
Much more ranting with Sara later while not getting around to ringing for taxi.

Up "early" on Saturday to whizz off to Brum. Took longer than hoped due to NCP franchise on M1, so nipped off via M45 and then remembering I had fewer dots in Local Area Birmingham than I'd have prefered... but eventually arrived at Chez [ profile] quondam for tea and chatting.

From there a quick visit to the Velvet Glove third world sweatshop for more tea and more chatting.

Finally to the Partee at Mr & Mrs [ profile] evil_chalkie's new abode. Ate pizza, sold horn to eBay chap. Reprise of seeing [ profile] quondam now with [ profile] ruana1 and [ profile] nyarbaggytep's R. Also dubious LT/Outcast crossover types. And others.
Drank exhotic canned pop until about midnight, drove home.

Went to bed, got up, not as early as planned... but in enough time to actually get to Tesco's and then to the Camping Exhibition. Which has just openned and thus has only half its damned stock, so no shiney new airbed for me!. Got some very Large metal spikes for ratchet strapping at Maelstrom.

eBay ...

May. 11th, 2009 02:24 pm
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... is not about getting a high score, eBay is not about getting a high score, eBay is not about getting a high score, eBay...

is more like poker, but you don't actually lose your ante if you "loose".



May. 7th, 2009 06:44 pm
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Fight!! Fight!!

In the last few hours (isn't it always, which I why I choose to post the item midweek and mid evening) I now have 7 bidders fighting over my flared horn (phnaar!) Up to a massive 24 quid now!
This hopefully overbids the french bloke who really wanted it but who's msgs about UPS were not too coherent to me.


Apr. 27th, 2009 10:01 pm
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Just listed my first ever sale items.

See my smooth selling techniques :-)
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I can see my laptop & 3G dongle going to the Spring Moot!
Just a day of connect or a full week? hmmmm...................
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