Sep. 14th, 2006 12:20 am
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With decidedly [livejournal.com profile] ellefurtle-fearing effects to go with it!
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Wanna know if it's true about Global Warming???
Come and sit in my house for a while, you oil-$-blinded nazi!!!!

Better days

Jul. 2nd, 2006 11:29 pm
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which included getting a lift to Locko courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] magpye's air-con and back courtesy of Sarah aka Tyto's buggy - with towbar and thus trailer!!
So I and all my kibble are now all home.

In other news, It Was Hot!!!!!
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I went to the first Moot. It was mostly hot.
On Saturday night I'd been too sneezy to be able to have beer :-(

On the way up, the car had got into a mood whereby every 15 minutes on had to huddle on the hard shoulder of the M1 for about 5 minutes and let "something" sort itself out before just driving happily on.
On the way back this effect kicked in almost immediately on reachin the M1 going Saaf.
We hobbled as far as DOnnington Services whence the RAC freephone number in my phone was used for the first time in.... A VERY long time!
A chap with a van came and tinkered. We went for a quick drive. The fault exibited. He did something to try and fix it. It didn't He summoned a truck. The truck took us home. Car drives for short distances but will be ringing the garage ASAP Monday.
(Trailer and all tentage in a field in Derbyshire pending (intended) return next weekend.)
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It's reet parky dahn saaf guv'ner, shudder to think what the Grim North is like!
And it's only November - I'm already ona Full Winter setting (two duvets and not 'hot', fire on 24/7, two jumpers, etc) I may have to consider fixing the central heating pump this year!
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It seems cold.
I have closed the last windows and put on a cardigan.
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It seems that The Athenaeum Club has signed some pact with a meteorological demon and annexed my house in some pan-dimesnioal fashion to their metropolitan furnace.

I.e. my house is Unreasonably Hot And Moist tonight!


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